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Church Reopening – June 7th!

Church Reopening – June 7th!

When we get back to church…

  • Your safety is our priority.

  • Arriving early will help eliminate lines as people enter the building.

  • Using the restroom at home before you leave for church will help our restroom traffic.

  • Be prepared to park where the parking lot attendants instruct.

  • Masks are recommended at all times, If you do not have a mask, we will provide one at the door. Young children who do not tolerate a face covering are excluded. You will need to be prepared to keep your child with you at all times.

  • You may want to wear gloves, but they are not required.

  • When you arrive in the building you will be directed to the Worship Center. Seating will be arranged to allow for social distancing. Please do not move signs or seats.

  • All surfaces will be sanitized however the less you touch the better it will be for our cleaning crew.

  • Families will sit together. Look for seating that matches the number in your family.  Please be prepared to keep your children with you at all times.

  • When you arrive in the building and have found your seats, you will remain in your seat until the service is over.

  • Please instruct your children ahead of time about not leaving your side or hugging others.

  • There will be areas of the building that will be closed.

  • All children’s areas will be closed with the exception of the nursing mother’s room.

  • Our services will be one hour and are designed for Elevate Kids and up. If you have toddlers or pre-school children, you may bring water and snacks (gummies preferred!), coloring (no markers) and other quiet activities for them into the Worship Center.

  • Containers will be available at each entrance and exit door for Prayer Requests and Offerings. Having these prepared ahead of time will be important.

If you are sick, please do not attend service.

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